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Calyx strongly recommends that you not operate in a "mixed environment" for previous versions of Point.

Point version 8.0 is not compatible with Point 9.1 SP1.

Calyx Point only support the current version and the last two versions of the Point software.

Point 9.1 SP1

Point® SP1 was released on September 23, 2014 . Highlights for Point 9.1 SP1 include:

  • Form Updates
  • Calculation Updates
  • Updates to meet Freddie Mac ULDD Phase 2 standards
  • Additional information in the INK-it documents received notification for users.

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It is not required to re-send an installation e-mail to update from Point 9.1 to 9.1 SP1. Simply login to MyCalyx.com and select Point 9.1 SP1 from the version dropdown list for each user and it will automatically download the next time the user opens Point.

INK-it, released on July 23, 2014, is an electronic signature product that integrates with WebCaster™ to send and receive electronic document packages to borrowers from Point. INK-it is simple to use, affordable and secure. INK-it not only increases your workflow efficiency but also reduces paper and postage costs while decreasing cycle times.

As a best in class electronic signature INK-it meets ESIGN and UETA requirements. Designed to work through Point or PointCentral and WebCaster, INK-it will improve the way you work.

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